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With Love


Hallelujah-Shop is a family business founded in 2012 born from a personal and professional project whose point of departure would begin in Palma de Mallorca dedicated to Retail sale of clothing and accessories.

Hallelujah shop - multi-brand clothing store that seeks originality and differentiation in the design of the clothes and the prints of the fabrics.

Fashion and artistic trends that provided the inspiration for collection of clothes, shoes and accessories multibrand. They are aimed at the modern, dynamic and versatile woman, expressing their unique personality through a particular style


"There is nothing impossible in the world, you just have to find ways to get it."

In hallelujah shop we care about the quality, the feel of the garment on the skin and the details that make that special piece, highlighting the unique to each of our clients and natural features.


We firmly believe that the future will belong to those who know how to innovate, change the way you think and therefore the way they work, so with creativity and innovation become our search engine for the new styles and trends. In Hallelujah include our aesthetic versatility,
We analyze latest styles to mark future trends which will take the company.
The vision for the future in search of sustainable materials confirms the ethical mission of the company to respect the environment.


We consider to be very good at something is only the starting point, not the end point.

Our passion for what we do begins each morning with a high team spirit that leads to a good choice for that dream project finally come true.


This force transmitting Hallelujah is not coincidental.

"If you add a little bit and you do it so often, will soon come to be a lot."

We especially emphasize the accomplishments of our team
and we pride ourselves individual achievement who contribute to our overall success.


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